Saturday, September 30, 2006

Go with the flow?

Well im back ! long time no blog!

I was thinking the other day, while browsing other people's blogs, about which language to use in a blog. Some completely mess up romanian and english in a blog, posting in both languages and to a certain extent its OK, but then again, its not that nice.

Globalisation you say? Romania is joining the E.U. and there is a lot of controversy going on around that topic but coming to think of it, if we all use the English language (being international on-line language) , what will happen to our language in the distant future? Cutting the long story short, right now i'm looking at the downside of globalisation and im not very happy about it. It makes me laugh when i look at the new words added to The Oxford Dictionary in it's last update. Langugages change, some go extinct, but can we make a difference?